Banning China Post Covid 19, Opinions Awaited.

Haaashuuu!!! Just look around you, we are looking at each and every individual with doubt or suspicion that is he a Corona infected. Just with a sneeze or cough, keeps you away from the person. At India, we are taking at most precautions and care and doing our best to avoid the spread of this so-called “CORONA VIRUS”.
People in such a busy and commercial city of Mumbai are today preferring to sit at home. Once enjoying the roadside Wada Pav`s are now washing their hands 10 times a day. Hands touching the doorbells, Lift Buttons, milk bags, newspapers, staircase railings, exchanging currency, catching the rods of busses and handles of trains, standing at the footboard of the trains and leaning to get drenched during monsoons, are now getting sanitized every hour!!!
The city that has experienced the riots, the bomb blast, The “Sab Kuch Chalta Hai” attitude of Mumbaikar`s today have shaken up.

The pace at which the spread of this deadly virus is spreading across the globe. China is already sanitized and done with this Man Made Crises..

Here Is my thought..
Each country has enough of its own instability, Political, Economical, Natural and have to sustain with it. This Virus spread thru that out busted from China, thru its pathetic and inhuman eating habits or an uncontrollable hazardous experiment, be it either, has left the globe to face one more big calamity or by now gone Pandemic.

So there goes the economy for a toss again. A standstill, lockdown, or Quarantined, you are in a fix.
We are reading the various statistics of other nations at this current out bust, this has left countries in a state of nuclear war, for the overpopulated and every socialist economy like China few lakhs of deaths and closure during its new year time is very common, But by the time India and for that matter other nations are completely out of this VIRUS, will be showing a huge fiscal deficit with further recurring losses.

Let’s raise a Voice, Lets Bann China and its products, Lets force China not to have any further experiments, No MORE SARS/COVID/VIRUSES what so ever and help other nations with Man Power & manufacturing capacities grow & excel. For eg: South Korea, India Etc.

Opinions Welcomed.

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  1. Jugal Ray
    March 18, 2020


  2. Yogesh Thakker
    March 19, 2020

    We should do that.

  3. ASHOK Puri
    March 19, 2020

    When we can manufacture goods at the same economics of scale as China then maybe we can think of banning China. Till then let’s improve our quality and efficiency to international standards for mass scale production

  4. kavita Bhatnagar
    March 19, 2020

    very well.said.. totally agree with you

  5. Uma Sainath
    March 28, 2020

    I am sure all right thinking Indians will support such initiatives. To be really effective such action have to be carried out on a nation wide scale.

  6. Seema Tawakley
    April 18, 2020

    Not only we the Indians should avoid the Chinese products but our government should stop procurement of goods and services also
    In the year 2018-19 total Chinese goods sold in India were around 30000cr where as govt. ordered goods and services over 80000cr hence we all need to work together for reducing the Chinese presence in India as we all are aware that Chinese central bank has taken 1% stake in HDFC which is alarming and govt. Should take steps that Indian companies management doesn’t go in the hands Chinese companies as it happened in USA, Germany, Italy and other countries


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