Importance Of Silence !!

Importance of silence

On my recent poll on LinkedIn, some absolute great views are been curated. let`s summarize with all the valuable comments & insights,
Silence is a source of great strength, & means of communication with self & others too.. It’s is a process of deep introspection, and this leads to a clear understanding! Silence is a reservoir of power. It is the perfect time to sit back, process / think things through before doing something. Silence for me in business is like it’s time to deliver big. Silence for me is to analyze, introspect, look around, calculate the risks, think, be wiser, and take appropriate massive action. Silence for me is communication with the inner self going inside. Personally or professionally results are always phenomenal.

As per the above summary, we now understand the importance of silence for all of us.
With so many critical things that we have to do being in silence around us, don’t u think our this capacities are lowering due to the ever increase in noise pollution that has surrounded us?? Be it at offices or home, we already have too much noise of smallest of the gadgets, and the moment you try to seek some peace in your car, or a coffee shop, in your balcony, you are again surrounded by the noise of vehicles & horns passing by.

Where a human capacity level to listen is 0 dB, we already have levels on an average of 70 db on highways. And getting worst day by day. Noise pollution is an invisible danger. It cannot be seen, but it is present nonetheless, both on land and under the sea. Noise pollution is considered to be any unwanted or disturbing sound that affects the health and well-being of humans and other organisms.

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