It's All About Results

an Entrepreneur

Nitin had his “Eureka” moment, when he came up with a new design for his own hand dryer – the first product of Technocrats.
That was the start of his entrepreneurial journey, with no brochures, no visiting cards, no stationary, no infrastructure, and no money. Getting past all hurdles, he finally delivered the product in a period of nine months.
Today, Nitin’s current goal is to turn Technocrats into a 300 crore system-centric company rather than a person-centric one.

Benefits for Clients

Nitin believes in innovation. The key to a successful future lies in how well one can adapt to reasonably priced new technologies. As such, Nitin’s constant attempt is to introduce new technologies to make lives
easier and comfortable for people.


Solving Social Challenges and
Enhancing Lifestyle

Technocrats is making life better for its clients across various sectors by reducing noise pollution with
its sound barriers.

Its platform screen doors are a step towards making travelling safe. These doors reduce human accidents and tragedies by preventing people from falling into gaps at railway stations.


Speeding Up Productivity and
Profits for Clients

Their docking bay has reduced manpower utilization as well as the time required in loading and
unloading goods.

It has enabled our clients to shift from labour intensive units to e-technology and system-driven and better-managed manpower.

Unique Achievement

Technocrats received the BRTS contract of the government buses for mass transit in Gujarat.

This project made them India’s first indigenous manufacturers and installers of ‘Platform Screen Doors’ in collaboration with a German company.

A feat appreciated by the President of America, in 2011, as India’s # 1 MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM at a reasonable price point for bus stops that synchronize with the bus doors.

Nitin - The Boss
and The CEO

The Friendly Boss

Nitin is the understanding, approachable, and friendly boss. He maintains a good relationship with every employee starting from the housekeeping person to his vice-president.

Pragmatic and Optimistic

He is a practical person, believes in getting things done in a positive way, and is ever ready to solve his employees’ issues, whether it be personal or official.

Employee's Achievements

It is Nitin’s attitude that has helped him retain employees for over 15 years in the company. Further, Nitin Munot focuses on every employee achieving their goal in life to bring about their personal growth.

Creating Jobs & Opportunities

In his successful entrepreneurial journey, Nitin Munot feels his greatest achievement is being able to provide for hundreds of families by offering employment and opportunities for growth.

Something for Everyone

Hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, restaurant owners, automobile industry, food industry, chemical industry, town planning corporations, smart city planners, MMRDA, Oil Companies, and the like are some of the clients of Technocrats. It has something to offer for everyone across sectors.

Role at CorporateConnections®

As the franchise owner of CorporateConnections™ a premier networking platform, Nitin Munot’s responsibility is to bring like-minded professionals together and create chapters in Mumbai in the next couple of years.

His goal is to facilitate C Level executives get close access to an influential business community. For Nitin, CorporateConnections™ is a way towards making a difference in people’s lives.

His Secret –
Courage & Strength

Nitin’s secret to success is his attempt to do everything better than others, adapting to new technology, patience, foresight, and planning ahead of times.

He doesn’t restrict himself – be it adapting, creating, or innovating. He is an agile and flexible businessman, open to new ideas. Rather than analyzing, Nitin believes in taking action, getting work done, and then pursing bigger goals.


Nitin's advise to Young Entrepreneurs

“Never indulge in business about which you don’t have any knowledge.
Just because you have money doesn’t mean you can invest in any sector.”