Personality that Captivates

Courageous &

Nitin’s childhood circumstances and incidents made him a mentally strong and persistent person. At a very early age, life taught him the power of relationships, value of money, and importance of personal fitness.

He is an empathetic person with a strong emotional intelligence. Nitin Munot believes in being a trendsetter and choosing his own path. He is never cowed down by public opinion and does what he thinks is right.

Pragmatic &

As Nitin Munot says, “When you don’t relate money to work it is a complete bliss”. Nitin Munot found his bliss in teaching. In his village, he started teaching students of grade 2, 4, and 5 while he was himself in grade 7.

While working in Mumbai too he tutored a group of students of grade 5 to 10, at the request of a SRP commandant. Nitin made every subject interesting for the children by breaking away from the set patterns of teaching.

Self–Inspired &

Coming from a vernacular medium school, Nitin Munot first learned his English alphabets when he was in grade 5. Struggling with a new language, he failed to pass the first semester.

This impacted him deeply and he took to seriously training himself in the language. The urge to learn and grow was deep within the strong-willed boy. He found inspiration to excel in the foreign language from his English teacher at school and an Anglo-Indian family in his society.


Open-Minded & Empowering

Nitin’s core belief is to never devalue his competitors and focus on his own business rather than on their weaknesses.

His respect for women has led the women employees in his organization enjoy a safe and comfortable working environment.

Also, Nitin believes in the dignity of labour. He says, “You are hesitant towards labor when you think you are a ‘somebody’. When you have an unassuming attitude your attachments are less and you are not bothered about people’s opinion. It automatically liberates you, making you comfortable working in any situation”.

Faith-Giver & Trust-Builder

Since the inception of the company, Nitin Munot has worked towards building a trust factor among his clients by not just delivering products on time but by providing the best quality of products and services.

He looks forward to his clients having faith in him and his company.

Further, Nitin abhors negativity. His positive attitude makes him believe that “whatever happens, happens for good”.

Dynamic & Innovative

When it comes to Nitin, people always expect something new. He has always been complimented for being innovative, reliable, and a task completer.

Bringing innovative ideas and products at work and finding new solutions and concepts that would enhance the quality of life of people, Nitin is fulfilling his parents’ wish of - he being a blessing for mankind.


Vibrant & Leading
by Example

Nitin’s wife Sangeeta, an MSc and MBA is the one who gets order and discipline into their family. When it comes to his children, Neelambari and Urvesh, Nitin Munot teaches them life lessons by setting examples.

Always energetic, ready to try out new things, headstrong and perseverant in the midst of downfalls, Nitin Munot is an inspiration for his children.

Compassionate &

Nitin tries to give back to the society in whatever way possible. Visiting charities and orphanages and taking care of their needs is a part of Nitin’s life. He is even seen feeding disabled children with his own hands at the orphanages.

Technocrats incurs the expenses of a number of children that it has adopted. Also, Nitin makes sure to help his employees’ children with higher education and other needs.

Self–Disciplined &
Self Confident

Nitin loves to hit the gym, exercise, and walk. So it’s not surprising to find his walking shoes accompany him even on his tours. He had a passion for bodybuilding competitions and was a good athlete. Meeting new people, understanding them and their culture, and making new friends thrills Nitin.

Inspite of being a confident person, Nitin maintains a low profile and is reserved. However, he has worked his way towards success through sheer discipline, pushing his boundaries, and crossing his comfort zone.